The "N" for Neel on my banner, is also a stylized DV, Roman numerals for 505 (I thought this extremely clever), a reference to my army regiment, the 505th Parachute Infantry and a reference to the name of my site, Neel505.

The "neel505" address for my site came from the time I began learning computers and trying to find a decent AOL e-mail name. I tried every combination of my name I could think of but all were taken. Then I noticed a few of my Army buddies just added "505" to their last name. AOL accepted it, so I was, then when I set up my first site on Geocities.

When Geocities closed down, I bought the domain "" and hosted it on Yahoo Small Business. When that closed, I moved everything to i-Page, Google's web hosting service, and then moved again to GoDaddy.  

Now. I do it all for free on Google Sites and $20/year on Google Domains.

The small emblem at the bottom of each page is what I call "My Tattoo."

Now . . . I don't have a tattoo . . . but there was this one drunken night in Aldershot, UK, when the lads wanted to take me to a parlor and have their Regimental Cap Badge permanently emblazoned on my arm or chest. Luckily, I was not that drunk.

Back in America, I revisited the idea and began designing what might be a decent design with some personal meaning.  This was my favorite - my two regiments in one design, the Winged 505 Panther and the Parachute Regiment Cap Badge. It is like my Coat of Arms.