The Night Cooper Saved Christmas

by John Neel

Twas the night before Christmas, and everything was great;

I was in bed with Mom and it wasn’t even Eight.

Dad was on HIS side, leaving room for Mom’s Pup,

That baby was in bed and had finally shut up.

Granddaddy and Kady were in bed crashing hard,

While Al, Barb, and Crista played a last hand of cards.

I cuddled with Mom, put my head on her lap,

And had just closed my eyes for an overdue nap;

When out in the front yard I heard a loud crash,

I barked at whatever, ran down in a dash.

I reached the front window in world record time,

I nosed past the curtains and pushed up the blinds.

The cars were aligned as far as I could see,

Mom and Dad’s cars were where they should be.

Then my keen guard dog eyes caught sight of . . .What The F

A Terrorist in Brown in a Brown Terrorist Truck!

He ran toward the porch too fast and too quick,

It was evident to me he was after my Stick.

Then, up my road more dangerous trucks came,

And I growled, and barked, and called them by name:

You terrorists, and burglars, and robbers, goodbye.

Go away you kidnappers and skinny naked guy.

Get off of the porch, get away from the door,

Now run away, run away, before I bark more.

I’ll bark and I’ll Bark till my very last breath,

But if you come in that door, I’ll love you to death!

Then, like when I chase rabbits and ducks and they flee,

Like squirrels, when they see me, run up a tree,

So, down my road the trucks flew out of sight,

Leaving dangerous boxes that should have been here last night.

And then up above I heard a small noise,

It sounded a lot like my new squeaky toys.

As I listened for more and pondered the maybes,

Down the stairs Dad came with the baby.

He was dressed in his gym shorts, shower shoes on his feet,

I wondered why he was not fast asleep.

And the bundle of girl that he held in his arms,

Was crying and squealing like a loud fire alarm.

Her eyes were all leaky, her diaper, how wet!

Her cheeks and her nose were as red as they get!

She was chubby and plump, a quite happy little tot,

And in spite of myself, I like her a lot.

Dad went right to work, with a clean baby wiper,

filled up a bottle, grabbed a dry diaper.

Her loud little mouth was finally shut,

When Dad shoved in a bottle and dried her wet butt.

Her favorite pacifier he held tight in his teeth,

Once he had her calm, she went back to sleep.

A wink of Dad’s eye and a pat on my head,

He let me know I had nothing to dread.

But laying his finger in front of his lips,

He gave me a shush and went up the steps.

I raced up behind, took a hard right instead,

To beat him and keep my place in the bed.

So, Sleep Well and Secure this fine Christmas Night—

Knowing Cooper the Doodle is still in the fight!