The irrelevant and trivial website of Retired Sergeant Major John Neel


I'm ex-military, living in Virginia with my wife, among kids and grandkids, between the Blue Ridge and beaches, and surrounded by battlefields.

I began this site in 2001 while deployed to Kosovo during the long, lonely hours.  It has become a good friend and fun hobby.  I keep it online as a much-needed brain exercise, a history project, a place to hang my photos, and an effective way to reconnect with old friends.

These days, my life is so simple that there is little of of interest here for those who know me, much less for those who don't.

It is always a good day when a friend or reader contacts me through this.  Though I enjoy being one of the Invisible People, drop me a line.  New folks are good, too.  I always answer back.

My contact information is at the link, above.

AATW, H-Minus, War damn Eagle, Utrinque Paratus, RahVaMil