2023 Self Portrait


I'm a retired military guy living in Virginia with my wife, among kids and grandkids, between the Blue Ridge and beaches, surrounded by battlefields.

I began this site in 2001 while deployed to Kosovo to wile away the long, lonely hours. I keep it online as a hobby, a much-needed brain exercise, a personal history project, a place to hang my photos, and an effective way to connect with old friends with whom I've lost contact.

There is little of interest here to those who know me, much less to those who don't, but if you hang around, you are most welcome here.

It is always a good day when a reader contacts me through this. Though I am enjoying being one of the "invisible people," Friends, Cadets, Students, Mates, and Troopers should drop me a line. New folks are good, too. I always answer back.

If you wish to contact me, my info is at the link, above. Don't be a little troll or an asshole. I can spot a flake within a few keystrokes and I do not suffer fools well.

Note: I use some expletives on this site.