"It is the set of the sails not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go." ~ E. James Rohn 


I am a retired military guy living in Virginia, among grandkids and battlefields, between the beach and the Blue Ridge.  I wore a uniform for over forty years, which allowed me little time for the people and things I love.

In retirement,  I have the time for those things.  I'm investing more time in Family, photography, reading, writing, traveling, stargazing, family research, and bird watching.

I post about those things here.

I have kept this website online since 2001 because it has always been a good way to reconnect with friends around the world.  This continues to work amazingly well.  It is also a much-needed brain exercise, keeping my old mind from going to mush. 

If you stay around, you are most welcome.

Airborne, H-Minus, Utrique Paratus, War damn Eagle, Rah Virginia Mil!